Friday, 28 February 2014

Febuary 2014 Student Debt Update and a Celebration of Positive Net worth

One step closer to being debt-free, yay! I'm looking forward to a nice tax return this year thanks to all my accumulated tuition tax credits. The money will go towards both my student debt and my investments. Also, my net worth is finally positive this month. What an awesome Birthday present!

Some bad money news. My car has cost me a pretty penny since the move, I've had to replace/repair/install several parts already and I noticed a large crack on my windshield today. All these extra vehicle expenses are really making driving a luxury.

Some good money news. Our company is giving us a cost of living raise of about 2.5%, and it will be considered effective since Jan, so it will be a nice bonus on the next paycheck. Also, I'll be working a lot in March, 50+ and 60+hr weeks. I've got the feeling that I will be very burnt out as my job is both physically and mentally demanding, but it will be good money.

On to the tables and charts on Feb:

Febuary 2014
TFSA (td)1023
TFSA (questrade)6162
Student Debt6226
*Again, I don't include my bank account and credit card balances because they fluctuate, so I don't like them as indicators of my net worth. Plus, I don't carry a credit card balance.

TimeStudent Debt Owed
Apr, 2013$46422
May, 2013$33422
Jun, 2013$33202
Jul, 2013$31555
Aug, 2013$26507
Sep, 2013$16100
Oct, 2013$14762
Nov, 2013$9968
Dec, 2013$8710
Jan, 2014$7550
Feb, 2014$6226

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