Sunday, 1 December 2013

Student debt progress: November Update - Finally under $10,000!

This was a good month! My moving expenses were indeed processed this month, which combined with my planned contribution to push my debt level under $10,000! A giant milestone for sure! I've accomplished my Student debt repayment goal of the year 2013 (it was originally to be under $20,000, but I adjusted it down to under $10,000 after my parents helped me with a lump sum.)

TimeStudent Debt Owed
Apr, 2013$46422
May, 2013$33422
Jun, 2013$33202
Jul, 2013$31555
Aug, 2013$26507
Sep, 2013$16100
Oct, 2013$14762
Nov, 2013$9968

1 comment:

  1. SO how did you pay it of? how did you suddenly have $10,000 to throw at it in one month?