Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 Net Worth Update and Student Debt Dec Update

   This is an update of my net worth - the simplified version. I didn't include my bank account balance and my credit card balances (I pay them off every month) because the balances fluctuate and I feel like they have no significance because there's no growth potential.

December 2013
TFSA (td)677
TFSA (questrade)4403
Student Debt8710

As for my student debt, here are the charts and graphs of my progress so far. 

TimeStudent Debt Owed
Apr, 2013$46422
May, 2013$33422
Jun, 2013$33202
Jul, 2013$31555
Aug, 2013$26507
Sep, 2013$16100
Oct, 2013$14762
Nov, 2013$9968
Dec, 2013$8710

I have made good progress this year. I will do a new post on my goals for 2014, it's going to be a year focused on building wealth. 

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