Sunday, 21 July 2013

Updates - July 2013

It's been a long time since my last post. I have no excuses - I was slacking.


A lot has happened this month. I moved to a brand new city, into a new apartment and started a new job. My apartment is now half furnished so I'm monitoring kijiji for dining room chairs and barstools. I don't absolutely need these furniture to live, but they would make me feel more comfortable and more 'at home'. Right now I wheel my computer chair (left by the previous tenant) to wherever I need to sit.

One the finance front, I got my first paycheck and I made a payment towards my student loan immediately. On the other hand, the sizes of my credit card bills for June and July make me cringe in shame. I shall just take comfort in thinking a good trunk will come back to me if I pass my probation.

Now let's take a look at how I'm doing with my 2013 goals so far:

Personal Finance Goals:
- Create a budget and stick to it - budget created, not doing such a great job sticking to it so far. I'm gonna give myself another month because the initial costs of setting up being high is not unexpected. 
Salary Goal: $40,000 this year (before tax, from July to Dec): My base salary should be $36,500, and working overtime on some days offs should bump me up to $40,000. - Not doing well so far, my lunch hour is extended by 0.5 hour to 1 hour because I'm constantly running behind schedule and so my pay is going to take a small hit. On top of that, I probably won't be qualified for overtime work until I pass my probation in October. 
Debt Goal: Reduce student debt to $20,000 this year: Should be feasible if I contribute $1000 per month plus my reimbursed moving expenses. On track, I will do a student debt level update early august.
Investment Goal: $3000 Retirement/Investment portfolio: Already have $1500, and save an additional $250 x 6 months should get me to this goal. On track, right now my set contribution is $200 per month and everything is in a TFSA account. 

Professional Goals
- Pass both licensing exams - One passed, waiting for results on the other one. 
- Become competent in 2 sub-specializations - It looks like I will definitely become competent in 1 sub-specialization. I will work on the 2nd one once I pass probation.
- Create an LinkedIn profile - I think I will wait until after I pass my probation for this one. 

Personal Goals:
- Make new friends in Alberta - Still trying, it sure is hard. I would only call one of the girls at work a friend, the rest are still 'works in progress'. 
- Exercise more - I should modify this goal to something more concrete: 15 min of exercise a day and a 1 hour session a week. 
- Volunteer - On track, I have applied for multiple day events. 
- Improve leadership skills - On track, I'm looking to join a toastmasters club.
- Look for a relationship or some enjoyable dates - Epic fail so far. The guys in Calgary are cute though. 

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