Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Why Boxing Day is a terrible day to shop for clothes

Now, according to this Time magazine article, the best day of the year to go shopping is Dec 26 (Boxing Day).

File:Boxing Day at the Toronto Eaton Centre.jpg

I disagree. In fact, I think boxing day is a terrible day to go shopping. With the exception of some stores/brands (holt renfrew etc.) that do not have sales often, Boxing Day is overrated.  Here are my reasons:
  1. It's a terrible shopping experience: the crowds are a nightmare. Many stores will have lines or do not allow you to try on items. Parking will be next to impossible to find. A lot of stores will be messed up by the crazy volume of customers going through the racks. But, you can say, we are talking about deals, so if the deals are crazy good, bracing the crowd for a couple of hours is worth the money I'll save. That brings me to my next point...
  2. The deals aren't that great: These days most stores run boxing week sales, so no need to compete with a million other people on one day. In addition, based on my past observations, the lowest prices tend to happen around mid to late January. At that point the selection may suffer a bit, but you'd get the best bang for your buck. Again, there are a few exceptions to this. Some brands rarely go on sale so boxing day is rare opportunity to shop at those stores. 
  3. Greater risk of impulse shopping: When you're among a crowd like that imaged above, it's easy to be drawn into the 'buy, buy, buy' energy. Also, when you've invested considerable time finding parking and waiting in lines outside stores, it can feel terrible to leave empty handed and let all that previous effort be for nothing. Now, at this point, the bad news is some stores' sale items are final sale. 
To me, why would you brace the crazy crowds on Boxing Day unless you're going for the experience, not the shopping?

Now, what do you think?

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