Tuesday, 11 June 2013

When is the best time to shop for clothes?

Since I'm on a shopping ban with my favourite shopping month fast approaching, I decided to get the shopping bug out of my system by writing a post on the best time to get clothing deals.

If I had to name things I'm really really good at, finding clothing deals will be near the top of the list.

Now, according to this Time magazine article, the best day of the year to go shopping is Dec 26 (Boxing Day).

I disagree, and you can find the reasons in another post here.

Now, let's talk about my favourite deal months. In general, I find the 2 best months to shop for deals are mid July and mid-late January. I tend to do the bulk of my shopping in these months.

My favourite is mid July. The reasons are:

  • Great selection: while the deal prices are comparable, July has significantly better selection than January, probably because of the holiday shopping & boxing day/week madness in December. Also, July is before the bulk of the back to school shopping happens and thus still has a good selection. 
  • Excellent prices: You will typically find the lowest prices on most Spring/Summer merchandise during this time in most stores. Some summer items will see another round of reductions in early August. Also, please note that each store have their own discount schedule/rhythm, and their lowest prices could be weeks to months later than other stores (Club Monaco for example). 

Mid-late January also has great prices, but very often, the selection is lacking.

Now, if you've got your eyes on some new arrivals that you've got to have - wait at least 6 weeks. Most of the time it will go on sale at that point, though the discount might not be much.

Another tip if you absolutely can't wait to get the newest look without breaking the bank is to buy accessories instead of a whole outfit. A mint coloured scarf or a peter pan collar necklace will set you back much less, and your bank account will thank you for it.

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