Tuesday, 21 May 2013

2013 Goals:

2013 Goals

Personal Finance Goals:
- Create a budget and stick to it
- Salary Goal: $40,000 this year (from July to Dec): My base salary should be $36,500, and working overtime on some days offs should bump me up to $40,000
- Debt Goal: Reduce student debt to $20,000 this year: Should be feasible if I contribute $1000 per month plus my reimbursed moving expenses
- Investment Goal: $3000 Retirement portfolio: Already have $1500, and save an additional $250 x 6 months should get me to this goal

Professional Goals
- Pass both licensing exams
- Become competent in 2 sub-specializations
- Create an LinkedIn profile

Personal Goals:
- Make new friends in Alberta
- Exercise more
- Volunteer
- Improve leadership skills
- Look for a relationship or some enjoyable dates

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